A Member of the Club

EVE has many different modes of gameplay and while I enjoy some, I hate others. Not that long ago I reported having joined Chain of Chaos well that information is no longer correct. Because I hated their mode of gameplay which seemed to revolve around sitting in the Antem system for no other reason than to camp it’s hi-sec gate all day long.

Camping gates in my opinion is for chumps, it’s actually worse than blobbing* at least a blob needs a semi-competent target caller/fleet commander, a camp doesn’t even need that. Also staring at a gate for hours on end is really not my idea of  ‘fun’.

Don’t get me wrong there are nice people there, just  not people who share my idea of what PvP or ‘piracy’ is about.

I have since moved to join the Black Rebel Rifter Club, and I am loving it there, they are an excellent match to my play style (a little more casual then I’m used to but I’m sure I’ll adjust  -why do you hate voicecomms?- ). And the best bit? They are frigate enthusiasts, as you could probably tell from the name 😉

The club is a mix of really green rookies and some blooded veterans and everything in-between really. A lot of very competent solo pilots and some outstanding kiting pilots which means I might learn something as I’m a disaster in any kiting ship. I’ve always found you learn and improve by playing with people that are better at something then you are, so this is a good thing (seriously Zod/Saftsuze stop making me feel inadequate with all those amazing kiting Rifter kills).

My first night with them was spend in Amamake about 3 weeks ago, where I decided tackling two cyclones in a Jaguar was an excellent idea, and while I lost the Jag it turned out it was in fact an excellent idea. Both cyclones died in a torrent of T1 frigate fire.

The real story for me here was a two day old pilot named Lisbeth Okaski who the BRRC had killed earlier and who was now somehow in our frigate fleet, she was quite ecstatic about getting on a Cyclone kill. I knew pretty much right there and then I was going to like my new corp, and they’ve not disappointed.

This sort of thing also illustrates my biggest problem as of late though, I’ve become a bit too ‘gun-ho’ and engage stuff I really shouldn’t. There’s no salvaging August (I’ve literally lost a ship a day so far) but in September I’ve decided I’ll be a little more careful like I used to be.

I’ll try to blog a little more too, I might actually type up a lowsec industry blog in the near future or maybe a lengthy piece on why lowsec isn’t broken at all, I’ll see…

Keada out for now!

*comedy blobs are an exception to this rule!

About Kaeda Maxwell

Proud Khanid warrior recently flying with te Minmater libertines of the Black Rebel Rifter Club.