A serene silent syndicate (part 1)

So a few days ago I wrote this blogpost in which I got a lot of my chest. Not your normal everyday bittervet critique of eve, but the story of a carebear reaching the adrenalin overdose that is solo pvp.

Unfortunately for me, this meant I would probably have to write a follow up. Damn you peer pressure, damn you to hell! Well I guess it is only fair since I consistently try to badger a certain Agony member to continue her excellent account of joining Agony. (For which you unfortunately have to login) So if you could all please show a complete lack of interest so I don’t feel obliged to write these posts anymore, then that would be great!

So last Thursday I went back out into syndicate looking for blood, or at the very least some nice engageable targets and hopefully no drone boats. When I check the map Syndicate looks quiet, a few ships here and there, the odd kill. But no camps, no roaming fleets, no busy bee hive. Just a quiet serene and silent Syndicate. My first hour and a half traveling criss-cross trough syndicate confirmed this. You could hear a pin drop in space. Well figuratively anyway, obviously there is no sound in the vacuum of space. Except for wormhole- and gate flashes, those make sounds.

As I was making my way to TXW-EI which had some activity showing up on the map I ran into a TEST fleet of all things. Perhaps it was because Syndicate was so serenely quiet, but even this TEST fleet couldn’t muster the will to spam local. A eerie encounter indeed if even TEST can’t be bothered to make a ruckus in local.

A few moments later as I head back trough the pipe since there had been some activity in X-M2LR I run into a friend of mine. After we have a bit of a mock fight I conclude that his stabber would indeed positively rape my little trasher and ask if he would please just stop shooting me since I actually quite like keeping my trasher in one piece for the moment. Although I’m sure I have lost several pieces of scrap metal, but that’s ok, that only makes them go faster. Earlier someone had said in local that there was a 3 man camp in 3KNK, so we decide to put hostilities aside and head out together to see if this supposed camp is indeed only 3 people and if we could perhaps find a bit of a fight there.

The camp, sadly, was nowhere to be seen, so as we traveled on we decided we’d have a look in the outer ring region which borders Syndicate.  When we got there we found ourselves a solo saber sitting on the gate. Now sabers can be seen flying solo, but when sabers are sitting perfectly still on a gate you are pretty much guaranteed they are not alone, especially when you where earlier warned about a gate camp and you went searching for it.

A short exchange confirms it. My friend and I are positively bored out of our skulls. A forlorn charge at the saber might be just the thing we need to see a bit of action. As we land on the gate the saber jumps out and we swiftly follow. On the other side we are met with the saber, a loki, tornado and perhaps some other ships which I have forgotten. It matters little. Our goal was clear. Kill the saber and try to get the fuck out.

Unfortunately our locations were far from optimal and the saber managed to burn too far away from me to attempt to catch it. My friend in the stabber however makes a valiant attempt but also fails to catch it. Meanwhile I’ve already burned back to the gate and jumped. This unfortunately puts us in a bit of a pickle. I am sitting on one side of the gate and my friend on the other. This factoid had apparently not escaped the notice of the camp and they decide to pick up their picnic baskets, tents and other camp necessities and jump out into the system I am in.

My more experienced friend however wasn’t all that worried, they didn’t manage to catch him the first time, so they probably wouldn’t manage to catch him this time either. As such he jumped back and made his escape. However, we did notice that a bubble was conspicuously missing from the scenario. We soon found out why. As we warp to our out gate we are greeted  by the sight of a bubble on d-scan. This forms no problem what so ever for my friend. For me however that 20 kilometers is a arduous journey even at 1.7km/s. Initially I think it would be no problem, but as the ships lying in wait finish locking me, my tank is getting ripped to shreds. “I can make it, I can make it, I can make it”, “no I can’t, no I can’t, no I caaaaaaaa”  *flash*. I made it.

“I made it.” I try to say as casually uncaring as possible while trying to unsuccessfully mask my now squeaky voice.  12% structure left.  Not exactly the excitement I had been hoping for. But for a moment there it got my blood pumping. Sturdy beasts these thrashers, I now just need to find me a big enough roll of ductape.

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