A week gone bye

It has been an interesting week since I decided to try solo’ing again. With a large dose of beginners luck I managed to have a very fruitful first flight, the days after have been a little less lucky. But I’m still hooked and will no doubt become a regular sight/target/predator in syndicate.

The end count is 7 Thrashers lost, for a combined cost of around 70M ISK offset by 7 ships killed with a combined worth of 316M. Although one of those wasn’t a solo kill, but I’ll count it anyway.

So in terms of kill/loss ratio I’ve managed to stay even and in terms of isk ratio I’ve had a landslide victory. That is of course not isk in my pocket, but none the less an interesting statistic.

In this past week I’ve learned a lot, both in terms of surprises like the Helios as well as in applying tactics with the trio of Rifters.

One of the sadder things I’ve realised is that over time the adrenaline will fade. As with the first time jumping into lowsec, then nullsec, WH-space; Or the first time going on a pvp roam with friends. The first kill; The first tackle. Now the first solo kill.

The edge has been taken off. No longer do I ask myself If I should loot the wreck first or call 911 because of the impending heart attack. My last few engagements have been quite calm, for now there is still the thrill, the excitement and the adrenalin. But it’s starting to fade. The unknown of it and danger of it is starting to become explored territory for my unconscious mind.

On one side this is sad, because it is exactly this thrill which makes it so interesting. But on the other hand this will make me more calm, more calculated and hopefully more deadly. It is easy to make a mistake when you are excited and new; It is less likely to happen when you have gone trough the motions a thousand times.

But I have faith; Faith that in the far horizon there are still challenges to be met, still body trembling experiences to have. I was recently watching some footage from a most excellent PvP’er named Sard Caid who regularly live streams his roams. In one of his latest recordings he managed to evade and terminate multiple opponents in an almost garmon-esque manor with his cyclone that would without doubt resulted in a ship loss for lesser pvp’ers.

But not only was it an enjoyable spectacle to watch, it also gave me hope; Hope that there are still higher plateaus to reach for. Now this level of skill is clearly not even remotely in my grasp, it will take time, effort, many deaths and one may hope an even larger amount of kills. But there will be moments in the future when fights will again have that sharp edge of excitement, and I can’t wait to get there.

Fly reckless o7

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