Agonizing rvb ganked roam

So since a few days ago I’ve officially become an almost member of Agony Unleashed. Agony is a rather well known corp within the eve universe, they are probably best known for their PVP University which they run as a side project to the actual corp.

I say almost member since there is first a trial period. This trial period mostly entails carefully poking each other to see how we respond. To see if we are a good match. A sensible move on their part.

But It’s a strange situation I find myself in. The feeling that after every move I make there is a person in the shade silently making notes. Every mistake enlarged and scrutinized and the urge to show the extent of what I can do in pvp, hopefully just a bit further. Not just by my assigned mentor, but perhaps even more so by myself. For anyone who knows me knows I am my own worst critic.

Should have, could have, if only. Surely the start of sentences that will be in my mind for the coming months. No doubt joined by even more frequent occurrences of verbal exclamations of discontent about actions taken which diverge from optimal possibilities. Preferably audible in loud tone and hopefully with the push-to-talk button not pressed.

By coincidence I got accepted into Agony on the same day as I had promised to scout for green gambit who would be running the RVB Ganked of that day.

So on my first day in a srs pvp corp I joined the one fleet that was at the complete opposite of the spectrum. Although it has to be said that this ganked roam was by far the most organized and efficient ganked roam i’ve ever had the questionable pleasure of joining.

In hindsight perhaps a little bit too efficient which meant we ended up missing the prime directive of ganked which is to die in a ball of fire.

In fact, our roam was conspicuously devoid of large juicy targets to engage other then a few unlucky locals who found themselves set upon by a rogue pack of inties. At some point it looked more like a small pack of inties/AF’s roaming around that just happened to drag around a 100+ man blob of drakes.

This especially got compounded in this myrmidon kill which would have died solely to a pack of scouts if not for a especially fast drake that got there in time to finish him off.

But the goal was of course to get the big fleet fight; Unfortunately CVA which we were betting on to bring the fight could only muster a solo scythe fleet issue which came to look what all the fuss was about and found itself quickly tackled and devoured by our oversizes blob of drakes.

One highlight of the evening was surely the alpha power of a 100 drakes. Green had been hoping to do this in fleet fights but pickers can’t be choosers and we found ourselves a mealstrom sitting on the undock of a station.

Docking games are boring, but this mealstrom pilot must have mistaken the timed launch of missiles from a 100 drakes as a graphical bug since he failed to dock or simply figured he’d take a few hits first. But as all those missiles landed on him at the same time the mealstrom turned into an ex-mealstrom with no noticable state of in-betweenness.

Unfortunately the rvb ganked semi-official fraps camera man geddonz failed to capture this moment of glory. But there is hope, hope that ganked will have a missile fleet after the missile effects get added and we will see an even more glorious repeat of this.

We also found ourselves a peculiar sight. In some system one of the scouts reported a carrier repping a cyno ship at some station.

Now ganked being as curious as a cat we of course wanted to know the gist of this. So a few scouts started trying to get the carrier to aggress. I don’t remember if this eventually worked or not, but at some point he decided to dock. So as a pity prize we kill the cyno alt.

Seeing the killmail and especially the pods killmail (for ganked is nothing if not thorough), we understood why he was repping it. Not why he used that character to cyno though 😉

But beyond those highlights it all stayed rather quiet to the general discontent of the fleet. As such green has agreed to do a follow up roam this coming saturday heading out into certain death. For reelzies this time.

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