Alliance Update

For the past few months we saw a decline in numbers for worm hole ops. We have have a big change to our way of life, moving from one side of the eve universe to the other, being quite a few jumps away from any big hub. It does make for a difficult life. It is also not the easiest place to get to with several low sec jumps and the occasional gate camp.

Due to the lack of wormholes on a few evenings we looked at incursions which can be very lucrative, until big fleets flying nightmares come in and wipe the floor with us DPS wise, leaving us with no LP points or isk. It was very frustrating to say the least. We also went down the LvL 4 route when there wernt enough people to run WH’s and no incursions were close.  It gave people the chance to brush the dust off their battleships and make a little isk on the side, as well as repair any sec status! I think we managed to do 6 sites in a few hours and with the loot made a nice little sum of cash.

One of our members is still running the little project of running his own POS in the C2 worm hole.  With some negotiation by myself, a NAP was reached with the other occupants in the hole, which is beneficial for both parties as I hear Björn is a bit blood thirsty! Another of our motley crew has joined in but is on a slight sabbatical while moving in RL. I am sure there will be blog posts coming our way about the WH way of life.

PvP nights are slowly drawing to a close while people recoup there losses and are feeling slightly burnt out going on a roam for a few hours and not getting any targets, or being chased away by large gangs. Its is very frustrating when that happens! As an alliance we are still carrying on with PvP when needed in a WH or when opportune moments arise. The other day I noticed a opposing faction pilot in system and managed to get a solo kill. We have also been very active on the fail heap roams with several of our members taking part over the last month helping with our kill efficiency. I have lost 3 ships on 3 roams but up kill wise so I am happy.

At one stage I was very worried that it might be the end of the static group nights for the alliance. With the numbers falling for WH’s and the slowing down of PvP I was almost ready for the inevitable. However over the past 2 weeks our numbers have been growing again. We spent nearly every night last week ( 8th May ) running escalation sites and our static WH nights too. It cause lots of head scratching breaking down who was on what op and how to distribute the isk from our adventures correctly.

As for the founding corps. There have been some static movements with a few members shuffling round but no big change. Nii has seen it’s population grow slightly which is always good to see. Nii holds an “open door” policy and I have a very relaxed attitude to what people do, with one rule.  Have fun 🙂

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