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So here I am 8 months after returning to EVE since my last break. Since I originally came to game in 2008 with quite a few breaks since, these past eight months I’ve actually found people I enjoy playing with so this time I’m staying.

I’m what you call an altaholic I have four accounts subscribed, Kaeda my pirate toon and then there’s Kohana, Cissy & Kim. Stealing juicy loot after Incursions was launched left me a space billionaire, crime pays. Money that Kim put to good use and now I’m an even richer space billionaire (I speculate in PLEX on the J4-4 market, nothing fancy buy low sell high, only patience required).

Sadly that doesn’t mean I never get bored however. And yes I know if you get bored in EVE it’s your own bloody fault, but what to do? Kohana had a badly hurt security status from the last Hulkageddon, but after running L4’s popping battleships over the weekend she’s now back to an acceptable -1.75 meaning I can at least just go everywhere again, with my goals for the immediate future fulfilled what to do indeed?

Ninja’ing I find to be a highly enjoyable activity as making stupidity hurt -like it doesn’t do often enough in the real world- is coincidently great fun and sometimes quite profitable to boot. It’s also quite time intensive however, scanning people down entering their missions and then stalking them till anger and irritation cloud their judgement sufficiently that they shoot at you takes a while usually.  So this is mostly a weekend activity.

Wormholes have gotten to be frank; quite boring. I enjoy the people but not the content C3’s are ‘on farm’ to the extend that our fleet is usually composed of a number of PvP fitted hurricanes and we stopped caring about shooting the sleepers in the right order somewhere in January I think. C3’s are now; kill, loot, teabag pretty much. And while C4’s and up require a modicum of attention they’re no real challenge for anybody but our (extremely competent) logistics crew in the end. Besides having to scan for content you may or may not find is a real pain. The ISK is nice but really a couple hundred million a month is the same as Kim’s PI setup brings in so not that special really.

I run industry on Kim too, partly in lowsec, but that only fills up about 45 minutes a day and pretty much runs itself beyond that point.

So to come back to the point I’m taking so long to make, wealthy, fat and bored what to do? What to do indeed? The answer; undock rifters & merlins and go look for stuff to shoot in the face, this is,  incidently, always the correct answer <(^.^)>
Funnily enough what I enjoyed doing with very few skill points and when a loss still got noticed by the wallet is what I seem to enjoy doing the most even now with more skillpoints and a wallet that really doesn’t care about 10 million ISK.

When you’re a little noobling setting out in your t1 fitted frigate for the first time (a punisher in my case) you dream of doing PvP in a big cool ship. Experience will however quickly teach you that if it is solo pvp you prefer a big cool ship is really just and easy target for anybody that isn’t flying solo. So as you accumulate skill points and big cool ships become an option, you will find that your choice to fly solo actually makes those big cool ships impractical. For one gate camp and your big cool ship is a big pile of uncool space debris… My Rifter/Merlin sees your camp, grins and warps off before anybody locks it up 95% of the time (for the other 5% I HATE you fast locking Legions, I really do). Frigates allow you to pick and choose your fights which is really quite a vital point if you intend to be successful in solo PvP. So frigates I shall fly!

So I shall go back to solo piracy over the next few weeks, as a result I might blog some more too as solo piracy adventures are best adventures.

Coming to a lowsec belt near you soon to melt somebodies ship.

P.S. I might try a Rupture too though, I hear good things about them, rumour has it they are agile enough to dodge camps if fitted right.

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