Bellicose scares Proteus

Yesterday I was looking at my hangar in Hadozeko and noticed I still had two Bellicose’s left from last months Bellicose Bash,  high time I lost those I decided.

So I undocked a Bellicose and set a course up the pipe to Eifer an entirely uneventful trip that only involved dodging an Electus Matari camp that was reported in intel.

On the way I decide to sidetrack into Sotrenzur where I picked up an eight month old Harbinger on dscan, I decide to try and find it. And find it I did in belt IV-1, I engaged but When I hit half armour I had only taken like 5% of his armour off so I used ecm-drones to escape. Which was a good move as local spiked as I disengaged and suddenly the harby pilot had plenty of friends in local. The harby pilot called my mighty Bellicose a shitty T1 cruiser in local. Very mean 🙁

A corpie of his later informed me in local the harby pilot had been sitting afk in the belt while going for a piss, protip; don’t do that people, it won’t always be ‘just’ a Bellicose that finds you.

I later ran into the same harby pilot alone on a gate he agressed me, I burned back and jumped and that was that.

So now I had been out for an hour and a half and had still not managed to lose my Bellicose. So I punched in a course for Bosena in Molden Heath, you can ussually get fights around that area. I took the long route through lower Molden Heath, where I found a Proteus on dscan so I hunted that for a bit, no I am not crazy, if you never hunt juicy targets in less juicy ships you never get those epic WTF killmails either, it is really that simple. My ‘shitty T1 cruiser’ apparently intimidated the Proteus pilot so much he went and cowered in his POS. Oh well.

I finally made it to Bosena after two and a half hours still in possession of my ship, I spotted a Rifter and promptly killed it dead. As I was sitting in a safespot waiting for my GCC to wear off I narrow down a Daredevil that appears to be sitting on the Bosena star. Clealy this guy wants to fight, local reveals he has a corpie in system but I don’t see anything on dscan so I decide to go for it, I did want to loose this ship after all.

I land on the star 100km of him. He is sitting still, suspicious, I figure out where he warped to the sun from, warp to the celestial and warp back in to land closer, he’s still there when I land. We lock each other up, tackle, and blasters and autocannons start blazing, to my surprise no corpie in a  Falcon unlcloaks on top of me \o/

The Daredevil initially manages to ‘hug’ me and rips through my shields in seconds flat, I’m also -90% webbed, not good. I overheat my afterburner and try to leverage my own two webs so I can get enough range for my 180mm’s to get damage on the devil, my single rocket launcher and medium neut aren’t going to win this for me… The distance actually grows to about 2,5km and with two webs on the DD my guns start hitting him properly. He enters armour as I hit the 20% mark on my own armour and then it goes fast, seems my neut killed enough cap to shut down his defences, armour comes flying of  the Daredevil and he quickly pops, just in time as my overheated afterburner burns out about two seconds after.

The DD pilot turns out to be a nice chap and is quite cavalier about the loss; “next time sunshine!”.

At this point it’s midnight for me and I dock up and log off.

Losing a Bellicose is a lot harder then you think!


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