CCP ate my Raven

I have been playing Eve for a long time, and back in the day the Raven was the go to ship for PvE. Before the great missile nerf torpedoes would hit at 70k and they would take out frigates and you could pretty much sit back and let the missiles fly! Lvl 4 missions were a big cash cow.

With running worm holes and doing invention runs I haven’t really seen the need to run missions. The previous Wednesday we were struggling for wormhole numbers so decided to run missions. I took my Tengu out and with a Raven, Domi, Harby and Noctis we were cutting up NPC’s  easily. We made a few mil and it was easy compared to sleepers.

On the back of this I was sitting in the station spinning my capsule and not much was happening alliance wise, so I decided to go run some lvl 4’s with my raven, which has been sitting in dry dock doing very little. I also have an Apocalypse sitting right next to it again from my mission running days which is fully fitted and ready to go.  I trained up all my characters to run a Noctis so decided to buy one with my trade alt and help speed up the salvaging. That put me about 60mil down before I even started to run missions. I have been told that they pay for themselves so I wasn’t too worried. You have to speculate to accumulate!

I get everything ready by getting the Noctis set up, check my raven for ammo and drones and talk to my agent. He must be please to see me as I get worlds collide! I am in luck. I undock and find my first error, no afterburner on my raven, this baby is set up for tank! It has a booster, amp and resist mods in the rest of the mids. Ok so maybe I should change to my Apoc. I dock up and start again.  Yep drones and spare crystals so I am good to go. I warp to the start of the mission and burn towards the Guristas gate. At least I have a speed mod on this baby. I have a few issues with my ranges and my tank isn’t too grand on the Apoc. As I run the Sansha’s side of the gate, I get very lucky! A faction spawn 🙂 4 mil bounty and some nice loot in the wreck. I get a 40mil mod so with all the bounties and loot I have pretty much paid off my Noctis.

Then the fun begins. I get “the assault” mission. Since when did the Guristas ECM become so  powerful? I am getting jammed right left and centre, not only once but successive jamm’s from multiple ships. Man this is going to be a rough ride. Ok maybe my Apoc is the wrong ship. I re-jiggle my Raven and try again. Ouch 🙁 I can’t hit anything *sigh*. I get back into the Apoc and buy a ECCM mod and try again. I get limited success and with time and effort I managed to pick off the jamming battleships and clear the mission. I am not impressed with both my PvE ships and when my agent gives me Angel extravaganza I decide to start looking around for a new ship.

How ever much I would love to buy a Gollum or Paladin I just haven’t got that cash lying around as most of my cash is invested in the Market or making T2 stuff. I get chatting to an old corp friend and start to trawl the forums. It looks like my best bet is the Abbadon. I fire up EFT and compare the Apoc to the Abaddon and the numbers are looking good for my new toy. It has better DPS and tank. The cap runs out at about the same rate so I think my decision has been made. I find a good fit on fail heap and run it in EFT. I get to Jita safe ( I thought ) in the knowledge that my fit was sound and it all worked well. I found a glitch in EFT. I can’t fit everything! Gutted! Well I carry on reading the forums and fine that the fit does work with a Imperial large armour repairer. Another 115mil later and my ship is ready. I notice the difference straight away. My optimal ranges are further away from me and my medium drones chew up anything that falls under my gun range. I easily clear the angels mission and a few more after that. I’m impressd, but it will take a few LvL 4’s to make back the 300+ mil for my new toy. I get resists over 75% and with my Officer repper i can tank alot more. With the increase in DPS i can quickly kill off battleships to get to my repping and cap stablilty as i sill run out of cap quickley, but its all about the management. Lets hope it dosn’t go pop like a few of my old Ravens as it will really hit the wallet, and i might actually cry 🙂

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