Clearing Space of Interstellar Debris

The Sansha are here. Join the fight to push them back…… Or maybe not!

After saying the day before “I won’t be on tomorrow as it’s my anniversary…” I found myself jumping into eve. I must add I did get permission after successfully wining and dining Miss Geddonz so I wasn’t getting into any trouble at all! As normal I log into mumble and into my accounts and Kaeda is chatting away about how he is waiting for more Vigils to arrive and waiting his aggression timers to run out. As normal I am thinking there is pvp going on ( and lady luck has not been on my side with kills lately ) as I am led to believe Kaeda is trying to get kills with every frigate in game! Oh but how wrong I could be. Incursions are happening in several areas and one is 13 jumps from our low sec home. Kaeda is already there and starting to ninja salvage the wrecks. Ok so how many wrecks can there be…. I leave my ship and fly to Amarr in my pod and pick up some ships to join Kaeda.

Now in eve up till a few months ago I had a “I have never” list. Let me explain. I could say, for instance I have never been a pirate which is no longer true. I have never been flashy red, which again is no longer true. So the last one is I have never been a ninja salvager, until this week. All I can say is why the hell not??? We fly around a few incursion sites looking at wrecks, and there are a lot of them and we are not talking a few small t1 frigates we are talking fully fitted t2 ships with t2 mods, and some even with faction mods! Sitting outside one of the commander outposts I see a Myrmidon activate the gate. There are a few ships in the site and the Myrm goes pop in a few second. I activate the gate and I burn to his wreck. There are faction mods! As I jump up and down with glee…. My poor Vigil goes pop. Oh well one gone in a space of minutes 6 more to go. Kaeda has eyes on the site, but no one was going in. We move on to another site and there are both ships and wrecks in the plex. We spy a few advanced caldari battlecrusers and make those our priority. I burn to one of them and grab a load of t2 stuff and try to salvage the wreck. No luck this time. I dock up and offload my loot and jump back to the site. I move onto the second advanced wreck and grab a few more bits of t2 loot. I have my salvagers running and bingo! I get 4 Enhanced Ward Console which are worth about 20mil each. I burn back to the second advanced wreck and managed to salvage another 2. Wow I’m doing well. I decide to try my luck again. I jump in and within seconds… Pop another of my Vigils gone and I’m down to 5.

We carry on flying in and out of sites and grab a few other bits of t2 loot. Towards the end of the night we move back to the site with the Myrm wreck. Ohhh ships in the site, this could be good. I activate the gate and burn to the wreck. I get there and take all the mods. I should have turned and burned to the station but I had isk signs in my eyes and start to head for another wreck. All of a sudden there are no other ships in the plex…. and all the horrid Sanshas are shooting me. Pop another ship down and all the faction mods with it. Well I am up isk wise for the whole night and the night is still young. I still have 5 Vigils to loose and ships are going pop….. its almost like free money!

Several fleet invitations are going up in the event channel and I decide to push my luck. After several attempts I get into a fleet! I guess they think a 04 character with positive sec status must be flying something powerful! Scared the FC might kick me out of the fleet when he sees I am in a frigate I dock up and watch the fleet channel. I post that I am flying an Onyx just to keep my place and start to relay information to others as to where the fleet is heading. The fleet ends up at a site with 2 gates. Kaeda, Greatlich and myself are now sitting there waiting for wrecks to apper. After a few seconds I decide to go and look at how they are getting on. Patience is definitely not my strong point. Rubbish!!! The gate is for battlecruisers and over. Oh well was worth the try. It was starting to get late and I didn’t want to push RL luck so decide while I was up I would call it a night.

I was totally amazed at how hard the incursion sites are. There were large gangs going in and getting wiped out within seconds. One of the funnest things was seeing capsules sitting by wrecks for some time, warping off to a station to get a noob ship, re-enter the site and instantly loose there ship. This was seen with shuttles too. They must of really wanted there modules back. There were lots of tears in chat over lost ships with faction fittings and many people underestimated the power of the Sansha. Lets hope when we try we have better luck!

Ships + fittings = 7 mil
Total salvaged and looted = 141 mil
total losses = 4

My last thought. I stated being a ninja at about 21:30. I finished at 23:20. I lost 4 vigils in that time. Average life expectancy of a ninja savager??? Around 30 mins. I think Flash would been proud.

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