Enabling: Max Impact, Minimum Effort

This is the second post in a three part series where I will discuss some hurdles regarding recruiting new players into corporations, suggest some changes and lastly try do work around these problems until such changes occur. 



Once upon a time...

Once upon a time…

In the first part of this series I discussed how certain mechanics in the game inhibits corporations like ours to recruit new players. I focused on the mechanics of Ship Maintenance Arrays and how with the current mechanics anyone with access to the SMA can take any- and everything from it without it ever being possible to find out who did so. This, I argued, blocks corporations from just grabbing people that seems interested in joining them. The countermeasures to such theft are costly, cumbersome and often involves a lot of work.

Before you accuse me of being lightweight and tell me to HTFU I would like to point out that the premise of these articles is to explore what the problems are, how CCP can solve them, and lastly give tips and ideas on how to work around them. So the HTFU part is the next article.


Feedback! I love it!

Constructive feedback

Constructive feedback

I got some input on the first article in the comments, but more so on Reddit. Interestingly the vast majority of the posts where of the kind that discussed or described how we, the players should act or set our space stations up so that the risk of theft is minimized.

Just a handful of comments hinted at something being amiss in the POS mechanics. This is a bit alarming to me. To me this is an indication that we as players have gotten so used to the way the corporation security works in Eve that we either have given up or turned into masochists.

Perhaps the strangest (to me at least) opinion I received was a message that stated that in real life a new member in a corporation can often steal a lot of stuff. So Eve is just as real life? Well sort of, in real life the thief most certainly would be found out and there would be repercussions.


Maximum Enabling with minimum effort

Actually relevant picture

Actually relevant picture

So what could, perhaps should CCP Online do? In my personal opinion there is only one initial thing that is needed in order to corporations to recruit just about anyone and not risk theft. Personal Ship Maintenance Arrays. Let us look at how this could play out:

  1. Recruit New Player and lead that player into the hole.
  2. Point out the Personal SMA and Personal Hangar.
  3. Tell New Player that those two arrays may be used in any way he want to.
  4. Start teaching the basics of wormhole life. Expand from there.
  5. New Member can now bring in whatever fits in his storage area at her or his leisure. She cannot steal anyone’s things and cannot be stolen from.

Personally I think this scenario is more fun than bringing in a member that steals things. Or gets stolen from.  More fun for everyone but the thief at least.


Further iterations?

It's just a theory

It’s just a theory

I know there are at least one issue with Personal Hangar Arrays. The way access rights are handled not even CEO’s nor Directors can remove anything belonging to other members. This means that if a POS must be relocated the PHA must be destroyed if members do not remove their stuff. This is a likely scenario as players come and go and might be off-line. The reason that the PHA must be destroyed is that a tower cannot be unanchored when there are modules anchored and attached to it. So destruction is the only option. Not brilliant.

I’ve heard people say that it’s a good thing that not even the CEO can remove stuff. ‘More secure’ is the argument. So today the corporation member can steal any- and everything from the SMA but the CEO cannot remove member belongings from a PHA. It makes little sense.


Wrap-up and next post.

Until next time. . .

Until next time. . .

So there we have it. My Minimum Effort Solution for CCP to work on in order to vastly increase the ability of corps to recruit into wormhole space is spelled Personal Ship Maintenance Array.

In the next part we’ll look at the way a corporation can handle and work around the short-comings of the current mechanics. I’ve received some good ideas and tips, but please, keep it coming. Either here or in the reddit thread.


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