Eve Exploration Guide: Introduction

To make things even more bizarre, an introduction to the introduction to the introduction.  I posted this, just over 3 months ago on my own blog, I’m hoping that cross posting it here will give me more motivation to finish it, and it gives us some content to start with.

First, an introduction to the introduction. I have been intending to write a scanning tutorial for months now, writing down the method I have developed over my 6 months or so of using the scanning system. I seem to have ended up with a system that, presuming I use it correctly, will reliably scan down almost any site in high sec, or wormholes up to class 4, I have never tried scanning in low/null sec or a higher class wormhole but have no doubts it would work, although it’s possible that it would require higher scanning skills, something I will cover in the next article.

I don’t have a scanning ship in the traditional sense, I have simply fitted my hurricane up for scanning, its current use is a wormholecane, it consists of all the modules required to make use of the sites, bar mining, in a wormhole, again I will cover this later when I talk about the types of exploration sites. There are dedicated scanning ships, and modules, which I’m sure would make my scanning more efficient, but when i can bring one ship to cover all the bases then why bother swapping ships between each site, something very difficult in wormhole space.

I will be splitting this series into a few parts, these will be:

  • Equipment Required – The modules and skills required to scan.
  • Types of Site – What each site you can scan down is and what to do with them.
  • Scanning Guide – A guide on my scanning technique.
  • Hints and Tips – Pointers I’ve picked up during my scanning career.
  • Wormholes – An extra section on tips for wormhole divers.

Finally, I can’t guarantee how long it will take me to finish this guide but I decided that if I wrote this introduction then it would motivate me to actually complete the series, and write the scanning guide I’d been intending to for months.

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