Frigate Tournament League

Congratulations to Geddonz for his glorious victory. I certainly had fun, and I hope everyeone else did. Hookbill will be contracted to you in the very near future!

Round 1

Roigon v Geddonz
Telemacus Drake v Major Floor
Bjurn Akely v Fade ToBlack

Round 2

Roigon v Telemacus Drake
Geddonz v Bjurn Akely
Major Floor v Treason Marabi

Round 3

Bjurn Akely v Telemacus Drake
Treason Marabi v Roigon
Fade ToBlack v Geddonz


Bjurn Akely v Treason Marabi
Telemacus Drake v Fade ToBlack
Roigon v Major Floor


Fade ToBlack v Treason Marabi
Major Floor v Bjurn Akely
Geddonz v Telemacus Drake


Fade ToBlack v Major Floor
Treason Marabi v Geddonz
Bjurn Akely v Roigon


Geddonz v Major Floor
Roigon v Fade ToBlack
Telemacus Drake v Treason Marabi

About the Author

Major Floor flies with Agony Unleashed but has alts in The 20 Minuters alliance.