New frontiers

I love the 20 minuters I really do but sometimes you find that the people you play with no longer share, all or most of,  your goals in the game. And then there comes a point where you have to ask yourself am I still in the right place?
The answer for me is mostly ‘no’ for me, it has however taken me some time accept that and some more to act on it.

But I want to be a low-sec pirate and most of the 20 minuters flinch when they think off losing security status on their main toons. Recently the other PvP fiend (Major Floor) found a home in Agony Unleashed, I’d apply too, but 0.0 PvP doesn’t seem that attractive to me. I want to PvP not worry about logistics nightmares so nullspace is a poor match for me. Besides, the non-griefer antics of Agony would be an extremely poor match for me.

So Kaeda applied to join Diplomatic Disruptions yesterday they’re part of the Chain of Chaos alliance. Chose them because they live near space I know well and they seem very stable, stable is good (unless it’s your capacitor of course then stable is much, much overrated).
I do not know if they’ll accept me yet but I hope they will. Improvement comes from playing with people that are better then you, and no offence to my friends in [20min] the ceiling of PvP growth for me had been reached there.

I will still have my industry & logistics in the old alliance and will leave them there as I really have no reason to move them and my trade and investment empire sort of needs the extra wallet and division options that only having a corp will give you.
But the vast majority of my time and effort will go towards my future home, as in all honesty it should.

The blogging will however continue, I don’t know how much my (hopefully) new landlords will allow me to talk about their operations in public, so no promises about piracy blogs. But when the mood to hang suspended from my ceiling in a cloud of white smoke wearing my ninja garb hits me, you can be sure I’ll come here to tell the tales of my adventures.
Furthermore Bjurn has been badgering me to write a guide on Orca’s and living out of them so that will probably happen too. Frankly I think he’s just gotten fed up with POS refuelling and considering going nomadic in his wormholes and wants me to save him the research!

But tl;dr version; I’m leaving the safe comfortable boundaries of 20min to become a near full time pirate in a proper pirate alliance. Yarrrrrr.

Safe boundaries were once new frontiers too.

In my ninja outfit I am, obviously, invisible but this is what I look like when I pirate.


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Proud Khanid warrior recently flying with te Minmater libertines of the Black Rebel Rifter Club.