Shield tanking your Harbinger, because my tank is kill!

And two basilisks that too…

The 20 Minuters like doing holes, so much so, that we do at least 2 holes a week, it’s not mandatory but we sure do enjoy it. So as the gang was getting ready to do today’s hole, we were having some fun before hand discussing how exactly tonight’s hole was going to be done.

Ok, all-right, I’ll cut the sexual innuendo now and pretend to be mature 😉

After being unable to take a few Tengu’s by surprise the week before because we had armour logistics and both shield and armour tanked ships in our merry band, this week I’d decided I was going to shield tank my trusty Harbinger. Most of us have shield tanking skills, and all of our fancy ships are shield tanked anyway. Since our logistics pilot, bless his heart, can fly both Guardians and Basilisks it seemed only fair that the armour tanking minority should loose +/-3 weeks on training proper shield tanking skills.

So now I had to fit my Harby for shield tanking, with an impressive 2 in all my shield tanking skills it was time for some EFT warrioring! Now since I can not use any T2 shield stuff anyway, first thing to do was look at the Meta 4 items, pleasant surprise, they are dirt cheap apparently.  I was less pleased about not being able to fit a point in my mid slots, it makes those opportunity kills I love and cherish that much less likely to happen 🙁 On the bright side however all those low slots could go to giving me awesome DPS! Awesome it would be too, behold my shield tanked Harby of unholy DPS wrath!  After running it past our logistics pilots and being assured I would not in fact die in a horrible ball of flames  if any sleeper battleships decided to shoot at me, I was ready to take her for a spin.

The wormhole operation was quite uneventful in itself, I looked at a pos named “Mines of Moria” on my scanning alt to see the inhabitants not move much while they on-lined some array. Sadly they were smart enough not to engage a 10 man gang pillaging their wormhole with efficiency no Urak-Hai would be ashamed off! We did both holes, netting us around 1,2 billion in 3 hours of work, not to bad at all.

On my main however I spend all my time clearing the sites gazing at my damage numbers in wild wonder, such numbers are unseen on an armour tanked Harby, I do assure you. I was not making any attempt to hide my joy on voicecomms either, so I hope none of the other 20 minuters got to annoyed with the power-player in me expressing my joy to them at regular intervals! And whenever the sleepers decided to target me, the basilisks kept me up with no trouble at all. So I hereby approve of my new Harby fit. .

Lets just say me, and my DPS meter spend some quality time after and for good measure blew up this Itty III to celebrate (still without a point fitted too 🙂 )!

Now how to transplant a shield tank on to an Armageddon some how…

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