State of Flux


1. a flowing or flow.
2. the flowing in of the tide.
3. continuous change, passage, or movement: His political views are in a state of flux.

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin fluxus a flowing, equivalent to fluc-, variant stem of fluere to flow + -tus suffix of v. action, with ct > x

There you have it, now you can’t claim I never taught you anything. But teaching you something is however not what I had in mind, describing the state of the alliance is what I’m here to do. All three of the definitions mentioned above are in some way applicable to the 20 minuters at the moment, but number three comes closest.

A lot of things have changed most notably our home station. We moved from Genesis to Derelik for a number of reasons but mostly long term stability.
While Genesis was fine for wormholes the area we where in was also a heavily pirated area, the number of roaming battlecruiser gangs in the Gonditsa-Ami pipe is quite impressive. Now we’re not shy of fighting but sometimes we just want ‘to get shit done’ and we decided we needed quieter pastures because of this. Luckily the alliance has access to a number of capital ships including a jump freighter, several regular freighters and number of carriers so moving was relatively painless if somewhat tedious.
Wormhole operations did shut down almost entirely in this time however as every body’s equipment was all over the place in various tinfoil wraps between creaky old home and shiny new home. Next Sunday we should be going full speed again, or so Geddonz reported over twitter on least.
Sitting still is however not in our nature,  so on our ‘carebear nights’ we deployed other activities such as low security missioning, we also did a number of exploration nights and got some escalations and the like. Other time was spend setting up our ever expanding industrial backbone, while developing a feel for the Rens market, which is significantly different from the one in Jita/Amarr/Dodixie I’ve found, not always for the worse mind you, there’s still scam spam in local though, some things are universal it seems. And with The Great Wildlands, Providence and Curse on our doorstep doing some of the 0.0 epic mission arcs is now a real possibility and the Angel Cartel arc will be the first in the very near future.

While all this was happening Bjurn Akely started running a project of his own as well, that he has been blogging about on this site. I am happy to report that the Knights of Niii corporation due to his hard work and perseverance now has a wormhole POS.

So we’ve become a bunch of fluffy rainbow loving unicorn riding lowsec carebears then it would seem, wouldn’t it?

Luckily, no. I can cheerfully report the number of red flashies is still steadily growing! Here too we changed some things around however, we use a different station and area for our PvP now away from our peaceful activities, when things need to go boom we can now usually be found around such peaceful and rustique locales as Amamake and Kourmonen.
To further enhance our target selection we also setup a Caldari faction warfare corp,  so we can now shoot Minmater on gates and still pirate Amarr normally without taking standing hits for it. This corporation has been named “127th Angry Angels” (+1 geek cred if you get the reference without googling it 😉 ) and now holds most of our PvP alts.

We’ve also been on one of scrapheap challenge’s infamous ganknights and we all enjoyed that rather thoroughly so when that happens again there’s a pretty good chance any number of us will show up for it.

Out of game, Major Floor of Perly has provided us with a privately hosted killboard with combined stats for [20min] & [127AA] the link is in the menu on the top right of this page. And Bjurn Akely, Geddonz & friend of the alliance Days went to fanfest in Iceland a report of which I’m sure will show up on this site sooner or later.

In short; times have been turbulent but things should be settling down a little now, time to start raking in the ISK again 😉

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