State of the alliance for january 2011

+ some history from before that!

It’s hard to fathom now that only three months ago, 75% of what is now The 20 Minuters was comprised of people who lived almost exclusively in empire space. People that in fact had no desire at all to venture into the nomansland that is lowsec, it was scary and home to evil soulless creatures that wanted to explode your precious ship (coincidently this is mostly true)!

As The 20 Minuters turned one month old last week, I am going to take a little time reminiscing as what happened between three months ago and now, mostly because I’m a sentimental geezer in that way.
Now something that is relevant before I continue is that the biggest corporation in our alliance, Knights of Nii, is closely associated with the Van Hemlock podcast. It is comprised almost in it’s entirety of listeners and they originally formed on that basis to do wormholes once a week. A brave band of of adventurers, lead by one of the hosts of said podcast, boldly going into wormholes every week. They have a very cavalier attitude, non of the elitism that yours truly sometimes falls victim too to be found there. Akely who also stars later in this post started his career in EVE by flying a Tristan into wormholes with them in fact. Never knew EVE poverty our Akely, I think I am jealous of that. Not enough credit can ever be given for their open, no players banned regardless of skill points, commitments or attitudes, without it none of what follows would have ever happened at all. And thus it’s an attitude maintained to this day. Only yesterday a 6 hours old punisher went into a C3 wormhole with us and came out alive again after clearing every single site in there.

Wormholes are what got us into lowsec too in the end, I could dress it up but really the reason we are there is because we have C3 wormholes ‘on farm’ and they are usually easy to find in lowsec. Providing us with glorious fat piles of ISK. In any event, about 3 months ago we made our home in Sharza. who’d been living there long before us were quickly befriended, I’d started talking to them after attempting (and failing) to shoot one of their CovOps frigates. As it turned out they too ran wormholes and one night a couple of weeks later we did a joined operation. All of us quite enjoyed the experience and open invitations where extended to do this in a joined capacity more often.

PVP was added to the repertoire only a bit later for most of us. Having been inspired by Wensley’s rifter guide and having acquired some PVP skills in [1PG] I did regular solo roams through our lowsec neighbourhood in rifters & punishers. Some of the guys in the other corporations expressed an interest in joining me,¬† thus it came to be frigate roams where soon happing regularly when we weren’t killing sleepers. Tales of destruction also brought some experienced 0.0 PvP’ers into Nii. All of whom had been listening to the podcast and had flown with the gang in wormholes before but had so far been in other corporations/alliances. The care-bears where growing some real fangs now, after a few kills and a few losses, the blood-lust that traditionally comes with fangs was readily acquired as well. The biggest gain in my (less then modest) opinion, Nii lost its fear of losing ships. It is the one most vital lesson to be learned in EVE; losing ships is fine. Don’t mourn the losses, analyse, learn, move on. Once people do that EVE becomes a different and, yes, better game. So many game-play doors open with that insight gained it’s stunning. This all culminated about a month ago in the bonds between our corps being formalized thus The 20 Minuters became a fact, good times.

Obviously not everything is sunshine and rose petals. We acquired some new ‘neighbours’, Underworld Protection Agency [UPAY], moved into to Sharza and it became clear that peaceful co-existence wasn’t the first thing on their agenda. Discovering that they out gunned us rather heavily, we had little choice but to adapt to the new situation or fight them with the odds heavily in their favour. The choice was made to adapt, a process still ongoing, for obvious reasons I won’t go into that to much. Alas such is EVE, no guarantees, you either deal or go play something else. To be fair to [UPAY] from the fighting incidents with them, they don’t seem like ‘bad people’ just well aware of their relative position in the local food chain, I can’t really hold a grudge over that (I’d do it myself had the tables been turned).
Over the course of the past months we’ve made friends too though! We’re on friendly terms with two industrial corps ‘in the hood’ and while fire was exchanged and war existed with the Royal Hiigaran Navy in the past, we bear them no real ill will -well at least I don’t I shouldn’t speak for others- from chatting with them in local they seem like ok people too, no reason not to politely shoot at each other though, a sentiment they appear to share.
The biggest powerhouse in the region Chain of Chaos [NAWTI] is still a bit of a mystery to me they don’t seem very chatty, all I really know for now is that entering ‘their’ space is a good way to get exploded.

This brings us to the now, where yesterday as we where preparing to go into a wormhole, one of our capsuleers not paying enough attention to one of his 2 screens got his drake scanned down and consequently jumped on by two hurricanes, a tengu and an onyx. After announcing on voicecomms he’d been engaged, I quickly swapped my harby for my vengeance -in order to have a scram- and hit undock. Thirty seconds of waiting on scotty’s lazy ass later, I undocked to the heart warming sight of several allied pilots who, without hesitation or orders, had undocked their battlecruisers (and two unallied logistics ships, we <3 you Days!) and where now aligning to the Saphthar gate. It’s real good to know that if you get ganked your buddies are actually going to rush to your aid!
My vengeance was still in warp to him as Akely died sadly, my compadr√©s landed seconds later and we ended up getting both canes. After 3 months there’s still some room for improvement as we lost the tengu because it was unclear who our points/scrams were and how many we had anyway, the downside of a ragtag rescue attempt with random ships I suppose, I QQ about our voicecomms a lot anyway, and I’ll just keep it up for a bit longer I guess. Surely if I whine enough it’ll happen, works for mothers and wives around the world too after all.

Recently we’ve also expanded our hi-sec practices a little by adding ninja salvaging/looting to our more unsavoury repertoire, to great profit I might add!

But all in all a month after our birth in an uncaring an cold New Eden, and 3 months after most of us first left the warm embrace (read; oppressive police state) of CONCORD we’re not doing half bad I think. Fun and laughter is still plentiful on our voicecomms, wives and girlfriends and children can still be heard in the background and we haven’t even grown to hate each other! In fact a little combat has forged a bond more then anything else in my experience, feel free to correct me in the comments if I am wrong 20 minuters.

With only hours to go till February, I’ll do some hard numbers too;

We exploded 115 ships worth 4.15B ISK
We got exploded 47 times thereby supporting the EVE economy with 1.32B ISK
For an ISK efficiency of; 75.86% not to shabby for a bunch of mostly PvP noobs I think!

I’ll write another one of these come the end of February, for now everybody in 20min, you’ve been a total joy to fly with, it’s hard to imagine EVE without you now.

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