Sticking it to the cane

As Kaeda was preparing to go solo hunting in an executioner, Dr Deus logged on and was asking if anything was going down, after being told there would shooting done by me, he happily jumped on the bandwagon. After kindly scouting in a blockade runner filled with frigates for the afore mentioned shooting. Dr Deus hereby preventing it from jumping in to the rather heavily camped Ami gate where ‘Balkan Express’ was doing its part in keeping the EVE economy going.

While that was all happening Emokiller jumped on the bandwagon too, we headed out with our awesome T1 frigates. We started chasing some targets in Bantish, but apparently T1 frigates are really scary and nobody wanted to give us a fight. We  decided to move on to Aridia as that had recently been teeming with other pirates and hopefully we could get a fight out of them. Real life took Dr Deus away from us, but Green Gambit had joined us on the way up.

Just before entering Aridia we found 2 cruisers ratting in belts in Olin, a Vexor & Caracel so we decided those would make nice targets Emokiller warped to them but sadly he landed 44km of the Vexor and it ran. And we gave chase! So we land on the gate he’d warped off to, and yes there they are… …but the Vexor is slow boating to the gate from 20km. Damnit. We’re in frigates nothing we can do about it, gate guns would annihilate us. So we decide to chase them around and see if they make a mistake we can capitalize on.

After a bit of chasing some docking and undocking the Caracel lands on the Shirshocin gate in Zayi where Emokiller was sitting. So Emo locks her up, but obviously doesn’t  fire, she returns his lock, and then does something not so smart, she shoots… now Emo is only -4.1 security status at the time so the gate guns open fire on her! All Emo has to do now is scarm her and watch her die, in an epic attempt at kill-mail whoring Kaeda & Green Gambit were both in warp to Emo but she died being lit up by gate gun fire before we got there.

Ok. Still a Vexor here lets go look for that then. Missing out on a kill left Green Gambit & Kaeda’s bloodlust unsatisfied, more kills were now required. With both the Vexor and the Pod docked up in station, we left Green Gambit’s eyes on station while Emokiller and Keada peeked in some nearby systems for more stuff to shoot. Hilarity ensued;  Green Gambit (on Mumble); “She just undocked in an Ibis, she’s still on her timer”* So he got to watch the gate guns annihilate an Ibis. When they finally left system with us, again, in hot pursuit (we are slightly more persistent then blood hounds once we actually smell blood) after chasing them some more they eventually chose the better part of valour and ran for hi-sec. This had all been fun, but still no good fight nor a kill for Kaeda and Green Gambit. Ami was busy earlier and dotlan told us it likely still was.

Majoor Floor joined our merry band on the way down to Ami.

Kaeda had only just jumped into Bridi -still holding cloak- and a red flashy Hurricane getting love from the gate guns was burning to the gate. Ha, now this looked promising! The rest of the gang was stil in Fensi, and was promptly told to hold on the Bridi gate, the cane jumped into Fensi. “Get me a tackle on that Cane once he decloaks, make sure you web it!” Emokiller being his usual awesome got it tackled -really fast- after it decloaked, a running MWD in order to get a tackle + angry cane however meant certain death for Emo. But our Rifter and other Punisher now also had scrams and web on it, Kaeda had jumped back into Fensi and had also engaged the target.

An artillery fit cane, web, scrammed, agressed with gate guns pounding at it, surely we had won. Or maybe…

Red Rapier on overview (cane at 50% armour now), “Hold that cane, I want it dead, overheat guns die if that is what it takes!”, as the cane enters structure I see the message pop up that my executioner has been pointed. Hostile Sacrilege now also landing on grid, we need to start  thinking about bailing, the cane pops, yessss kill! In the mean time however the Sacrilege has pointed up Green Gambit and I am now aligning to a celestial to try and burn out of the Rapiers point range and bail, Majoor Floor has already gotten out safely in his Punisher. Finally pulling out of the rapiers point range as I enter armour, Green Gambit informs us the sacrilege has gotten the better of him as I warp to safety.

Battle over and despite the loss of 2 frigates a clear victory for us!

And for our own mini-butterfly effect, Dr Deus scouting our Bustard safely away from the Balkan Express gate camp, meant that later that night we were in the right place at the right time to kill one of their hurricanes, now how cool is that? That’s the moments I love EVE the most.

*Timers reset to 15 minutes when you change session while criminally flagged, docking is a session change so will reset the timer.

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