The Goblin and The Butterfly

Goblin and ButterflyGevlon The Goblin has already become somewhat notorious in his limited time within Eve. He only plays games to win at them, and on top of that completely eschews social interactions as unnecessary beyond the minimum required to win. Obviously this has been causing him problems in Eve as the game is focused on social interactions, and it’s sandbox nature means that players set their own personal goals and targets with no game-designed method of winning at Eve. In fact it’s often joked, in war-games style, that the only way to win at Eve is to not play at all.

So since leaving WoW and becoming an Eve player Gevlon has struggled to find a purpose and has stumbled around in the game trying to win in different ways. He initially started out thinking that the way to win at Eve was to become as rich as possible. When you’ve got practically unlimited wealth, you can buy all the best stuff and win. This is quite a common misconception from players coming in from other games, and like many of those players, Gevlon spent his initial time in the game grinding as much wealth as possible.

Soon Gevlon had billions of ISK in his wallet, but was dismayed to find that many of the players commenting on his blog were telling him that he still hadn’t won, that he still wasn’t actually flying ships in this little spaceship game, and maybe he should try his hand at spaceship PvP. Gevlon decided that having lots of kills and a high efficiency on a killboard was how you win at PvP, so set off to be the best at both. He quickly realised that killing targets that don’t shoot back was the best way of achieving both targets, and set off on one of the biggest solo miner-ganking sprees Eve has seen using new alts – like Botmuncher Goblin and Botslayer Goblin.

After he bored of this, Gevlon’s next move was to use his wealth to dabble in null-sec politics, getting involved with Test Alliance. The fall of Test Alliance to their former allies Goonswarm has been told elsewhere, and I don’t want to recount that tale here, however Gevlon come out of the entire war with a dislike for null-sec – and particularly The Goons.

Gevlon’s next bold idea was to setup a w-space rental empire, mimicking the rental empires that have developed in null-sec recently. He claimed a C1, hiring Noir to clear out the former residents, whilst the wormhole was profitable for PI, he found no takers for joining his rental empire and the scheme fell apart at the first hurdle.

After the release of Rubicon, high-sec Customs Offices became available for players to claim control. Goons and RvB came to an agreement to split high-sec around Jita and other popular high-sec areas with Goons claiming a few key systems, and the rest available for RvB. Gevlon, seeing a chance to strike back at The Goons, decided that he’d raise a high-sec army and liberate their POCOs. What he didn’t bet on was RvB joining in the war-dec, and helping defend the Goon POCOs. This upset Gevlon, who then proceeded upon a hate campaign against RvB referring to them as secret high-sec Goon pets. This eventually escalated with RvB and Goons gaining entry to Gevlon’s wormhole system and burning it to the ground in front of a NoHo fleet.

So, why am I recounting this story? And what does it mean to The 20 Minuters?

Well to answer that you need to ask the question of how did RvB find Gevlon’s wormhole. Enter into this story, The 20 Minuters very own Bjurn Akely. Using former 20 Minuter, Green Gambit as a go-between to make contact with the RvB directors – Bjurn offered RvB the opportunity. He could get them into Gevlon’s wormhole system, however there was a condition attached… RvB had to burn everything to the ground, and of course they were only too happy to accept.

You see, Akely had secreted a character into the wormhole some months before. He’d arranged this with one of the former residents – one of the ones that had been evicted by Noir when The Goblin moved in, and had left the character in there waiting for an opportunity. We’d had several discussions amongst The 20 Minuters about performing an invasion ourselves, however to date we hadn’t had the inclination to do anything about it.

Of course that raises the question of why on earth was Akely so desperate for Gevlon’s w-space setup to be burnt to the ground? For that, the story goes back a little further and I need to introduce another 20-Minuter – Fred Knucklebones. Fred is a real-life friend of Akely’s, and can often be found doing his own thing in high-sec. Fred’s part of this story was that he was suicide-ganked in high-sec whilst mining, and it was this loss that Akely had vowed to help avenge…

And, that is the story of how a goblin was defeated by a butterfly…

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