Trouble stirs in the Fittakan Constellation

Teonusude, Molden Heath, Minmater Republic

From our correspondent The Fittakan Constellation is a quiet backwater of the Republic not that far from the heart of the Republic but far off the main trade routes of New Eden and has as such always been a peaceful place except for some violent border systems (Bosena, Oddelulf  and Atlar -editors note).
That violence now threatens to spill over into the until a few days ago peaceful systems around Teonusude. Where since the beginning of this week mining barges have been getting attacked and destroyed with frightening regularity.

When asked about these incidents by me, the spokesperson for the local authorities replied they were aware of the issue. They informed us that these terrorist attacks according to both the record of the Republic Security Services and CONCORD had all been executed by an organization called The Black Rebel Rifter Club.

Further research by this correspondent reveals some alarming information, all of these attacks appear to have been executed in Thrasher Class destroyers. These ships pack an incredible amount of fire-power but remain small and agile apparently enabling these malcontent’s to execute their attacks and destroy the barges before navy forces or CONCORD can respond.
Upon asking around some more, in the shadier bars around the solar system, I also learned that these ‘Black Rebels’ recently set up shop in the Heild system in the neighbouring Tartatven constellation and aren’t  intent on leaving any time soon. This does not bode well for the peace in area at all.
A customs officer (who didn’t want to have his name mentioned here for fear of repercussion) said that earlier while on duty he had scanned an incoming Charon class freighter that had a hold full of Thrashers and assorted weaponry. Some more poking around revealed that a rebel chapter-house had been opened only hours before in the Teonusude IV – Moon 8 – The Leisure Group Development Studio Station. The docking records of that station did indeed have an entry for a Charon registered to Hartman Ornamental Confectionery and Pies docking there earlier that day. This corporation also has no less then three registered offices in the Heild system, coincidence? This reporter deems that most unlikely.

It would seem times of trouble might indeed be in store for the previously peaceful Fittakan Constellation. We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops of course.

About Kaeda Maxwell

Proud Khanid warrior recently flying with te Minmater libertines of the Black Rebel Rifter Club.