Welcome to the 20 Minuters

Hello to one and all.

I guess as a Corp and alliance leader ( for which I was given as I didn’t want the job! ) I should give a brief explanation on what we do and what our alliance is all about!

First off a bit of history. I have played Eve for nearly 6 years. In my time I have been in some big alliances… small alliances, player corps and NPC corps. All of which have given me different experiences of the game. I can tell you stories of mOo Fi5e and BoB and the great north! I can remember the first time battleships came into the game and have seen a lot of changes. This however is the first time I have been a corp leader let alone the head of a small alliance.

Ok onto how the Knights of Nii started. Most of us listen to a podcast called Van Hemlock and he started a static group on a Wednesday doing wormholes. I started a bit late but decided to unite people into one corp, just as somewhere to hang out and chill. After a while we lost a few members and Van Hemlock decided to leave on a high, which left me ( geddonz ) to fill the shoes as a temporary leader.

After flying under the Knights of Nii we joined our sister corp Smit Intergalactic in low sec where we have access to plexes and wormholes. During our time in low sec, we became friendly with another corp called Perly who used the same system as home and after lots of chatting and joint ops the discussion of forming an alliance came up. The hunt for an alliance name then started. after thinking about ” The 1 billion vanity alliance” we decided to go on a theme of British comedy. A lot of us got talking and loved Blackadder so we decided to name our alliance after one of the sketches in Blackadder Goes Forth which can be found here. there is also a few smaller corps who have joined us in the alliance as they run ops with us too. There are several sides to the alliance. we have people who love to scan and run plexes and enjoy what low sec has to offer. There is also a pvp wing going with a very good and competent FC who has lead us to some great kills!

So as alliance leader what do i expect? Absolutely nothing! I want people to have fun. I don’t call mandatory ops which people must attend or the get kicked out. I do however want people to have fun. Eve is a game where if you have a good group of people it makes it a lot more fun.

So all is left for me to say is find a good navigator and always treat your kite like you treat your woman!

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There are 2 sides to me. The carebear and the pirate.... Which one do you want to see?