When is enough money…… Enough?

When is enough money…… Enough?

Hello one and all. It’s been a while! Well I thought I would put fingers to iPad letters and get a post out.

So what has made me write again? I’m not sure really I’m just in that sort of mood! But what I want to talk about has only just hit me and the title says it all. When is enough money, enough. I am of course talking about isk. I still  talk to friends I flew with back in the days when a battleship was the biggest thing you could fly, and they are space rich. They don’t worry about isk and enjoy flying around in faction fit T3’s. I on the other hand kept a few bil in my wallet to maintain my Tec 2 production and replace ships for faction warfare as needed. I was happy with my little pot of cash and it kept me out of trouble, and loosing expensive stuff.

I gave incursions a try and gained a nice little amount of isk selling meta cap mods as well as the isk itself from the sites. But trying to find a fleet became a nightmare and sitting around spamming incursion chat or the other channels I was in became a lot of hassle and hours were wasted trying to get a fleet.  It did mean I could (with a little resistance from myself) move into our C2 full time and do everything I was doing in high sec but without the cost of npc stations and waiting times!

About a year ago I joined faction warfare with my pvp alt, as a way of getting small and large scale fights. I do Enjoy pvp but I’m not really a solo fighter, which I get reminded about from people in the 20mins. I’m sure people have seen the changes with inferno to FW and the LP system used. The mini’s pushed like crazy before fanfest taking systems and were in a prime place to capitalise on the new T5 store. It’s been well publicised that 0.0 alliances helped, but I must also add we hit T5 without their help. Nulli Secunda joined on the Amarr side of the war with promises of T5 and get rich quick schemes. They were a null sec alliance with about 700 members. They took Kormonen in one weekend by running a 150 man gang in there. We feared the worse. I don’t quite know what happened but Nulli and the Amarr desided to miss out mini strongholds like Vard, Dal and Arzad. Alamo plans were made up and assets were readied to move with our last stand possibly immanent. I have a spy in the Amarr and Nulli were getting bored as per militia chat conversations. There numbers also declined with reports of 200 members leaving in the first few weeks. They decided T4 was there new goal which they held onto for about 30 mins as the minis fought back. Already 7 systems are back to vulnerable and the LP grind starts again.

Untill a month ago I had never made any isk from FW apart from the odd faction drop, so when the mini’s hit T5 on several occasions I used up about 3mil LP and bought faction ships and implants. My total gain was about 18bil isk, which wasn’t a lot when you here about people making around 30+ bil.

But now I realize it’s not enough money. I want my pvp alt to fly a dred and a carrier, so i need all the cap skills, ships and fittings. He could also do with several different clones including snakes and slaves, possibly crystals ( low grade as I’m not that rich! )  I would like a jump freighter to help with logistics using my transport alt. Im also buying plex for fanfest so I can go as cheep as possible next year! My 18bil isk has now all but faded away on paper. I looked at buying cap BPO’s but if you don’t mine the low end stuff you make no profit at all.

In a month all the long term plans I had for my characters have become reality. I have enough plex to get my fanfest ticket and any other attractions I want to do. I haven’t made any other purchases apart from donating isk to a couple of people for various projects. But I’m not content with the money I own. I already have close to 1mil LP ready for the next mini push and again will the isk I earn from that be enough? Will I always be chasing my tail not content with what I own and what I want? At what point can I stop and say I have everything I need? I guess isk like real money is its own worse enemy. You live to your means and when the goal posts move you always look to the next thing.

Last little thing. It shows how blasé we are getting. One of my FW friends killed a Talos with a 90mil medium repairer on it. He didn’t care about docking up to store it as he had billions in his account. “What’s a few mil when you have a few bil”.

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